Cailyn Bounce It Aqua Memory Gel

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1.7 Fl Oz / 50mL

  • Brightens complexion by removing dead skin cells
  • Exfoliates and minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Detoxifies skin after long periods of wearing make up

 100% original

This Revolutionary Gel is Full of Skin Memory Components to Effectively Strengthen and Rebuild Collagen and Elastin. High Concentration of Hydro-Active Agents Firms, Lifts, Smooths and Visibly Brightens your Complexion.

Experience an Immediate Skin Transformation right before your Eyes!

Cailyn's Exclusive Cell-Ex 5 Peptide Complex  Consists of Micro Molecular Peptides. These Short Chains of Protein play a key role in rebuilding and Strengthening one's Connective Tissue and Cellular Structure.

Rev up Skin's Energy: The Gel works Effectively to Boost the Production of Collagen and Accelerate Cell Turnover.

Retexturize Skin Surface: Formula of the Gel Stimulates Skin Cells to Minimize the Appearance of Fine Lines and even Skin Tone. By Actively Eliminating the Blood Originated Pigments, it Reduces Pores and Visibly Brightens your Overall Complexion.  

Flight Ready Hydration: Produces a Hydration veil that Fills the Gaps in the Skin to lock Moisture for 24 Hours.

Bounce your Skin back to its Budding, youthful Beginning!

Made in USA